Sound Of Wonder

Episode #390

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If you love to listen to Cerys Matthews’ radio show then the global scope of the Sound Of Wonder will reel you in. Listen to the amazing musicians that Scooby plays on his show and hear them in their own respective settings. Whether you want to hear world music from locales across Africa, Asia or the Americas – or rock music from indie bands in Britain, DJ Scooby will play the music you need to hear.


  1. Scotton Drive – The Doffing Mistress (Takes a Stroll)
  2. Hufh Maseklea & Sparia Deltones – Lady
  3. Art Podell – Arba Minch [Gamo]
  4. Sofia Kourtesis – El Carmen
  5. Soema Montenegro – San Pedro
  6. The Unthanks – The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry
  7. The Unthanks – The Royal Blackbird
  8. Mungo’s Hi Fi Featuring Lady Ann – Good Lovin’
  9. Yalla Miku – Hyper Tigre
  10. Emicida – Mandume (Part.Drik Barbosa, Amiri,Rico Dalasam, Muzzik E Raphão Alaafin)

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