I'm A Big Band DJ

I Am A Big Band DJ Playing Swing,
Trad Jazz & Hollywood Classics.

A Big Band DJ In Harrogate

I have a syndicated radio show that gets broadcast around the world. I am friendly with a number of stations in the UK and in America because my show is often on the Graveyard shift. It keeps the insomniacs who tune in to the station company. I play down-tempo tunes on my radio show.

However, if you need a touch of elegance at your function, have you considered hiring in a Big Band DJ? I can be your Big Band DJ for any event in North Yorkshire. I would play Big Band, Swing, Hollywood Classics & Trad Jazz at your soirée. Please get in contact on the Contact Page to start a conversation. I can be booked to turn up to your event with a PA and my equipment, taking the stress off your hands.

Exactly how sophisticated do you want your event to be? I have a wide selection of period vinyl that can charm and mellow the most frantic of days – let your event DJ be one you can trust. Book me and there will be a gloss of elegance to your function.

A Big Band DJ In Harrogate

I have quite a pedigree as a Big Band DJ in Harrogate – I used to have a residency at Major Tom’s (on The Ginnel – see map) every second Sunday of the calendar month. During my residency, I raised some much-needed funds for Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicins sans Frontieres). I play a laid back selection of tunes that aid in the passing of a fine time with winning pizza and good beer.

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