Speak-Easy World Music DJ Sets

We used to use Patreon to ask for donations to keep us in the studio. However, we quickly grew disillusioned with the old system because it threw up a load of banking demands. Financially, everyone is in the same boat and we did not want to set up a system of recurring payments. The old system would have tied you into a commitment. However, we wanted to keep The Speak-Easy.

A New System Of Patronage

We have a new system of Patronage for the Sound Of Wonder radio show. If you dig what we do, then feel free to chip in for the price of a coffee just once. I quite like double espressos at the minute and the amount I suggest for sponsoring me is around just that ($3) as a one-off payment. This is just a no obligation way of tipping me for the radio show. No recurring payments!

When we had the old system, we were doing a series of speak-easy DJ Mixes. We will continue with the DJ mixes but make them available for free for you to listen to them. On these DJ Mixes, I play some of the music that you will have heard on the radio show but it is presented afresh.

world music dj sets
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