We closed the borders, folks, we nailed it.

No trees, no plants, no immigrants.

No foreign nurses, no Doctors; we smashed it.

We took control of our affairs. No fresh air.

No birds, no bees, no HIV, no Poles, no pollen.

No Pandas, no Polar Bears, no ice, no dice.

No rainforests, no foraging, no France.

No frogs, no golden toads, no Harlequins.

No Greens, no Brussels, no vegetarians, no lesbians.

No carbon curbed emissions, no CO2 questions.

No lions, no tigers, no bears. No BBC picked audience.

No loony lefties, please. No politically correct classes.

No classes. No Guardian readers. No readers.

No emus, no EUs, no Eco Warriors, no Euros.

No rhinos, no zebras, no burnt bras, no elephants.

We shut it down! No immigrants, no immigrants.

No snivelling-recycling-global-warming nutters.

Little man, little woman, the world is a dangerous place.

Now, pour me a pint, dear. Get out of my fracking face.

  • Jackie Kay


Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury – The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
Paszport – Katy Carr
Everything I Cannot See – Charlotte Gainsbourg
La Forme – Kraftwerk
Burning Love – D. D. Sound
Acatao (Featuring AUKSO Orchestra) – Indialucia
Madrid – Ólöf Arnalds
April In Portugal – Pérez Prado
Howl – Jónsi & Alex
They Punctured my Yolk – The Flaming Lips

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